Stroncone and Marmore Waterfall

If you are interested, over the last couple of weeks I’ve loaded several more trip videos onto my YouTube channel. I’m still about three weeks behind in editing videos but if you would like to see them here is a link to my YouTube Channel.

The owner at Hotel Porta del Tempo in Stroncone where we are staying recommended that we visit Marmore Waterfall today. It was about a thirty minute drive.

Marmore Falls is the tallest man made waterfall in the world. It was first created by the Romans in 271BC when they diverted the Velino river to drain a swampy area.

When we bought our tickets to see the falls and hike down to the bottom (10€ apiece) the man told us they would be turning off the water for hydroelectric use in about 30 minutes at one PM. Our ticket would be good all day though and they turn the water back on at three PM.

I’ve never seen a waterfall that can be turned on and off! We started the hike, and hurried to get to the bottom before one.

Marmore Waterfall
Marmore Waterfall
Marmore Waterfall.

We made it to the bottom about one. The spray was making everything wet and the noise was thunderous. Then gradually over the next half hour the flow slowed, the noise decreased and we dried out.

Marmore falls after the water was diverted to the hydroelectric plant.

We had espresso and then started the hard climb back to the top.

Espresso overlooking Marmore Waterfall
The waterfall from the same place as the first picture above.

We had been thinking that today would be a rest day, but the two kilometer hike with 150 meters of climbing was well worth it!

For dinner we had by far the best meal we have had since coming to mainland Italy. We ate right next to our hotel at Taverna La Mola. We shared pasta with sausage and truffles.

Home made Pasta with truffles and sausage

Then we shared pork fillet with truffles and roasted chicory with balsamic vinegar. It was my first time having chicory and I liked it.

Pork fillet with truffles
Roasted chicory with balsamic vinegar

For desert I had pears with walnuts and mascarpone and Duke had panna cotta with caramel sauce.

Pears with walnuts and mascarpone .
Panna cotta with caramel sauce.