Hiking to Gocta Waterfall

Today we hiked to Gocta waterfall. It is 2,529 feet tall and is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world.

To get to the trailhead we took a collectivo to the junction of the dirt road leading to the trailhead then a taxi from there. Our collectivo had a flat tire so Duke got to have a discussion with the other passengers while the driver changed the tire. One of the passengers asked Duke “Is Donald Trump a racist?” Duke said” I believe so.” Then I got to use the two phrases I’ve been practicing. “Él es una vergüenza nacional” and “Tenemos que volver para votar!”

The hike was Just over there miles esch way. The weather was very humid and I think I sweated about a quart. My hair was dripping wet at the end of the hike.  But the rain forest and the falls were worth it.

When we got back to Chachapoyas first priority was a shower. Then a steak and fries really hit the spot.