Baños Day 5

Here is a picture of break time in the common area in Mayra’s Spanish School where we are taking classes. 

When we went for our walk today we went over to the San Francisco Bridge and watched the adventurers jumping off the bridge. It is like bungee jumping but the jumpers swing on a rope instead!

The town on the right is Baños. 
On the way back to school we bought sugar cane and shared it. It was my first time chewing sugar cane. It was very good, sweet but not too sweet. 

On Saturday we will leave Baños and go to Cuenca. There is one bus a day at 8:45 in the morning that goes from Baños to Cuenca. This morning we also stopped at the bus station and bought our tickets for Saturday morning. 

Earlier in the week Myra from the Spanish school said that the paella at the local Spanish restaurant, Taska, is really good but you have to order it at least an hour in advance. So this afternoon we ordered it and tonight we ate at Taska had the paella with sangria. It was as good as it looks.