Our Last Day in Baños

This morning we went out to breakfast with our teachers since it was our last day of classes. Thank you Cristina and Estefany for your help!

Then we all walked around town a bit. They took us into a store which makes things from the Tagua or Ivory Nut Palm. The ivory nut is used as a vegetable substitute for ivory. You can see the nuts and their pod in the pictures below. 

This afternoon Duke and I took a bus up the mountain to a lookout on the mountain top call Casa del Arbol. The bus was full so Duke and I were standing. A man gave me his seat and I was able to have a nice conversation with his wife using my limited Spanish. They were visiting Baños from Quito. 

For a one dollar entrance fee to Casa del Arbol we rode a giant swing and a fun little zip line.  And the clouds cleared a bit so that we were able to see the giant Tungurahua Volcano which erupted as recently as March of this year.