Cuenca to Loja

This morning at our hotel we had The best breakfast  we have had on our trip.  The fruit is called a granadilla. It is like a passion fruit only sweeter.  The corn kernels in the eggs are mote and the juice is watermelon juice. 

At 11 am we went to the bus station to catch the bus to  Loja. The Quenca bus station was very busy. That’s me waiting with our bags. 

The bus to Loja was worn out. We bounced along like we were riding in a big old diesel truck. We chugged slowly up the hills and swayed down the hills and around the corners. After four and a half hours we made it to Loja. I couldn’t read or I would have gotten motion sickness so I looked out the window and listened to podcasts. 

Once we got to Loja we wandered about town for a bit and Duke bought our tickets to Piura in Peru for tomorrow. There are two buses a day one at 7 am and one at 11 pm. We are taking the 7am bus. I think we will have to set an alarm. 

Ecuador has been wonderful. What a beautiful country and what nice people.