Loja to Piura

This morning we caught a 7 am bus leaving Loja. Since we were leaving too early to eat the hotel breakfast that they packed a breakfast for us!

It took us about 5 hours to get to the Peruvian border.  The crossing was pretty easy except that the Peruvian entrance agent didn’t think Duke looked like his picture and she questioned him about why his Spanish was so good? Was he sure he didn’t live in Ecuador?

We had descend to 1900  ft altitude at the border. It was very hot and humid and the bus didn’t have air conditioning. From the border we continued down to sea level where the temperature was 97 and the humidity felt like 100%. The terrain was totally different than the places we have visited in Ecuador. It was all sandy desert. 

We finally got to Piura. The trip took about 8 hours and I listened to and was thoroughly engaged by 8 episodes of season one of the podcast  Serial. 

In Piura while I waited in the bus station Duke went to get some Peruvian money (soles) so we could get a taxi to our hotel. We are staying at the Costa Del Sol Wyndham. Once we got into our air conditioned room we were able to relax a bit. 

By the time we went out to explore the temperature had dropped quite a bit. We are only about fifty miles from a cold ocean. We walked around town and explored some. We will be here two nights.