San Francisco – Fort Lauderdale – Quito, Ecuador

Sunday night we left San Francisco and flew to Fort Lauderdale. We arrived at about 7 am local time after a little over five hours of flying so it was a short night. The fact that JetBlue flights have a couple more inches of leg room than most airlines makes a huge difference. 

In Fort Lauderdale on Monday we rented a car for the day since our flight to Quito didn’t leave until almost 7 in the evening. As soon as we stepped outside the airport door my glasses fogged up. It was very humid!

The first things we did were drive to a nearby State Park, check out the beach, then park the car, recline the seats and sleep. 
After a few more hours of sleep we got some food then drove south along the water to check out Miami Beach.   I’ve never seen a man walking his pig before!

Our flight to Quito took less than four hours. Quito has a beautiful new airport and excellent roads with almost no cars since it was almost midnight. Now we are at our hotel and ready to get a goood sleep before we explore Quito tomorrow.