Bordeaux to Saint-Emilion

This morning it was pouring rain when we went out for breakfast. First we went to see the Porte Cailhau, one of the gateways of the city then we found a place for breakfast.

Porte Cailhau

Then it was back to the hotel, pack up and walk to the car park. Thank goodness we have good raincoats.

We drove to the Cité du Vin museum. It was a perfect day to learn more about wine and wine history.

Cité du Vin
Cité du Vin museum

At the top of the museum we gat a taste of wine and a wonderful view.

A glass of wine was included
View from the top of Cité du Vin

The drive from Bordeaux to Saint-Emilion took less than an hour. Saint-Emilion is a picturesque old village full of wine shops. We are staying in a very nice chambre de hôtes over a wine shop, Hôtes de Saint-Emilion.

Saint Emilion

We ate at L’Huitrier Pie a gourmet restaurant right next door to where we are staying. It is a Michelin listed restaurant so it is difficult to compare it to other restaurants where we have eaten. Each dish was a work of art, the taste combinations in each bite were complex and the service was perfect.

Amuse bouche
My entrée
Our desert

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