Lleida to Barcelona

This morning we left Lleida and returned to Barcelona. We returned the car at the same place that we picked it up, Sants Train Station.

Rental car return at Sants Train Station.

On our trip through the French and Spanish Pyrenees we traveled 1,413 miles and had lots of adventures. We never got lost but we made a lot of u-turns. We drove on narrow country roads and multi lane freeways. We saw a lot of sheep, goats and cattle. It was a wonderful trip.

After taking a taxi to our hotel and checking in we went out to explore. We needed to find a place for covid tests. Brian and JoAnn need them to re-enter the U.S. and since I still haven’t received my French vaccine passport that I applied for a month ago, I will probably need a covid test to board the train for France on Tuesday. We found a lab that will do the test pretty much anytime for $35.

We figured out our plans for tomorrow and then went to the Barcelona City Museum. We found out that if we made a reservation and entered after 3pm the museum would be free. After using our phones to book the reservations we needed to wait until our reservation time so we stopped for drinks.


The Barcelona City museum is one of my favorite museums anywhere. In 1931 when they were moving an old building to the site they discovered Roman and medieval ruins below ground. Archaeologists came in and the ruins were uncovered. The museum has a display on the top floor that explains how and why Barcelona was founded and grew. Then you go downstairs and walk through the remains of the Roman city and later the remains of the Medieval city. I’ve been to the museum at least three times but it always fascinated me.

Barcelona City Museum
Barcelona City Museum

For dinner we went back to Patagonia Restaurant, the Argentine steak house that Duke and I ate at our first night in Barcelona.

Brian’s skewer
My steak

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