Barcelona to La Seu d’Urgell

This morning we started our day as we did yesterday with coffee at the cafeteria at the top of the Corté Inglés department store.

Coffee at the Corté Inglés

Corté Inglés doesn’t have much of a selection so our next stop was a nearby cafe where we had breakfast.


Next we went back to our hotel, checked out and took a cab to the Sant train station where we rented a car. Driving out of Barcelona was fairly easy. We headed north and started looking for a grocery store. When we found one, we all went in to shop for some water and snacks. I think foreign grocery stores are always interesting. The meat department had a big pork section, a much smaller beef section and several other meats including rabbit.

Rabbit at the grocery store

Our final destination was a Parador in La Seu d’Urgell, not far from the border with Andorra. The further north we went the more mountainous the terrain became.

The Parador in La Seu d’Urgell

Duke and I have stayed at more than half the Paradors in Spain. As a result we get a special treat when we arrive.

Parador welcome back.

A bit later we went down to the bar, had our welcome drinks, and played five hundred.


La Seu d’Urgell is where the Olympic kayaking and canoeing events were held for the 1992 olympics. We walked through the old town down to the Olympic park.

Olympic kayaking course
Old town La Seu d’Urgell

We ate dinner at the Parador.

Tomato salad
Green beans and ham
Beef fillet with liver pâté
Hake (fish) with broiled vegetables