Argomaniz to near Pamplona – 22 September 2021

Today we drove from Argomaniz to a house we are renting near Pamplona. The house is not quite what we were expecting but it is perfectly adequate. The wifi at the house isn’t working so this won’t be posted for a few days.

House where we are staying.

The house is right across from a warehouse and the neighborhood garbage cans.

The view from our house.

I didn’t realize that there is a bike route across Europe north to south. Today we crossed a section of it and stopped to stretch our legs.

Bike route across Europe
Rest stop on the bike route

Since the house we are staying in has a full kitchen we decided to fix our own dinner. We went grocery shopping in a nearby small town. Interestingly the grocery store hours were 9-2 and 5-8. Luckily we got there at 5. Back at the house we had a great dinner and then played cards. As you can imagine the volcanic eruption on one of the Canary Islands is big news here. The Canaries are a province of Spain.