Savignacq-Meyraco to Irissary

When Duke originally planned this portion of our itinerary he chose four places to stay that were about 60 miles apart and would allow us to go from Andorra through the French Pyrenees to the French Spanish border on the Bay of Biscay. We don’t really plan activities in each town we stay in. The activity is the drive on back roads through the French countryside.

This morning we had a great breakfast at Chateau De Druon.

Breakfast at Chateau de Druon

It was raining hard when we woke up and it rained pretty much nonstop all day. As we started our drive we ran into road closures because of a bicycle race.

Bike racers in the Pyrenees

We modified our route and headed west. the roads we choose are often narrow, winding and they have almost no traffic.

Winding mountain road

In one small town we went through they had a tractor display and a woman was making cheese. We stopped to check it out. people always assume we are Spanish since our rent a car license plate is Spanish but we always let them know we are from Iowa and Nevada which elicits smiles.

Tractor display
Cheese making

As we continued on, the road got narrower, the terrain got more desolate and we gained altitude.

Our road through the Pyrenees

We saw a lot of cattle, horses and sheep. Sometimes they were in the middle of the road.

The horses and me

As we were getting closer to Irrisary and getting down to a lower altitude we saw people hiking and running in the mountains. I’m pretty sure it was the Ttutturru Trail which is a series of races. The marathon race has more than 3000 feet of elevation gain. Check out the link. I can’t even imagine that much of a hike but when you add the rain and mud, oomph!

Route marker for the Ttutturru Trail

The place we are staying Saturday night is called Chambres d’Hotes Aire Beria. The lady who checked us in suggested a restaurant for dinner called Art Zain. When they opened one of the staff here made a reservation for us. We walked about a mile to the restaurant and had another great meal. The staff was very helpful. Even with my limited French and their limited English we managed to order. Everyone on this trip has been very accommodating in dealing with allergies.

Beans and cheese and other good stuff
My mussels and bacon and savory mousse