Labatut to Savignacq-Meyraco

This morning we decided to drive the backroads to our next stop, Savignacq-Meyraco. The Map app says the trip should take two and a half hours but our ‘scenic’ route including stops took six hours. It was an incredibly beautiful drive. The French countryside is so beautiful it is almost unreal.

Breakfast where we stayed Thursday night, La Paillote Ariegeoise.

Soon after we got on the road we pulled over at a rest area. The rest area parking lot actually overlooked a prehistoric shelter that was occupied by homo sapiens of the aurignacienne culture 36,000 years ago. Right next to the shelter an archaeological site was being excavated.

A shelter not a cave!
I like the archaeologist with his head in the hole.

We went for a walk in the nearby woods following signs to a museum that was supposed to be 20 minutes away. We didn’t find the museum but we had a nice walk.


Later we had a great picnic lunch.


We found another bread machine and bought another loaf of bread to snack on.

Sign for a fresh bread machine
Fresh bread from the bread machine.

Tonight we are staying at Chateau de Druon. It is a beautiful building with ornate rooms. Our room is decorated like an old airship. The chateau was built in the 1870s it was a ruin when the current owners bought. They spent twelve years renovating and furnishing it.

Our room at Chateau Druon
Chateau Druon

The owner of Chateau recommended a restaurant out in the country, Les Bains de Secours. We had the best meal we have had since arriving in France.

Les Bains de Secours Restaurant
Les Bains de Secours Restaurant
Rack of lamb

After dinner we played cards in one of the dining rooms at Chateau Druon.

Playing cards at Chateau Druon

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