Innsbruck day 2

Today we hiked! But first we went to the top of the mountains to the north of  Innsbruck. 

From the city center we took the cable railroad up the mountain to Hungerburg. It starts out as a subway then becomes a funicular. Each car swivels independently. As we were going up the bottom of our car was about even with the top of the car below us. 

At Hingerburg a group of people were exercising. What a great setting for an exercise class!

In Hungerburg we changed to a Cable car and went up to Seegeube. And then from there took another cable car to the very top at 2,256 m / 7,400 ft. It felt like we were on top of the world. 

It was a bit hazy so the pictures don’t really do it justice. In the winter you can ski from here all the way back down to Hungerburg. 

We took the cable cars back down to Hungerburg and hiked from there through the forest back to Innsbruck. It was a perfect day for hiking. 

To reward ourselves at the end of the day we enjoyed a couple of beers.