We spent today in Klagenfurt, Austria. We started out with one of my many ideal European experiences, coffee and a pastry at a local bakery. 

We have a map of Klagenfurt with all the local sites marked and explained in English. We walked all around the town checking out the remnants of the walls, the churches and the notable buildings. 

I especially liked this watering truck. 

Klagenfurt is on the eastern shore of Lake Wörthersee. In the 1500s the local nobility built a canal to move goods between the lake and the town. We walked along the canal a ways and then sat and enjoyed the beautiful day. 

According to Wikipedia, Klagenfurt was the first town in Austria to create a pedestrian only area in the center of town. We spent a lovely hour at a sidewalk cafe drinking coffee and people watching. I signed up for the online New York Times crossword at the beginning of this trip. Duke and I work on it throughout the day. We don’t always finish it but it is a fun thing to do. Today we used the free wifi from the H&M store near us to finish the last few clues that we needed help on. 

Before going back to our room we wanted to find a grocery store to buy some fruit and water. We had walked by this building a few times but didn’t realize it is a very big three story shopping mall including a grocery store. So we got some water and even managed to weigh and tag our fruit before checking out. 

You can see the outside of the mall behind the statue. 

For dinner I had potatoes, sausage, and onions with an egg on top. 

Duke had braunschweiger and dumplings. 

It was another great restaurant.