Venice to Klagenfurt, Austria

This morning we left Venice by bus and headed north and a bit east into Austria. We spent most of the day traveling. Austria is a new country for both Duke and me. The mountains on the Italy – Austria border were beautiful. We went through lots of tunnels. 

Klagenfurt is a nice town. The town symbol is a dragon. Our hotel is right behind the dragon in the picture. 

We have had almost no one on this trip mention Trump to us. But today as we were having our welcome drink in the bar one of the staff asked us about him and what he is going to do. She said they are afraid of another war. 

The rooms at this hotel are very nice and quite ornate. 

We had a really good dinner. Duke had venison ragout with cranberries. 

I had a steak with roast potatoes. And now that we are in a German speaking country we decided to have beer!

It was a nice restaurant with a great ambiance.