Cinque Terre – Manarola

We are spending three nights in Manarola, Italy.  It is the second from the south of the five Cinque Terre towns. Today we hiked from Manarola to Corniglia, the middle town. It was an absolutely perfect day, temp about 70, sunny and no wind. 

Yesterday I included a picture of our view from the window of Ca’ D’ Andrean Hotel where we are staying. This is a picture of that window. I really like this hotel. 

We saw lots of wine grape vines and olive trees along the trail. According to the brochure/map for Cinque Terre the terraces and walls on all the hills here where built about 1000 years ago. A lot of them are still being farmed. 

Both yesterday and today we have seen what I would call cog lines going up the hills. We weren’t sure how they were used but then today we saw a film crew being transported on one of the cog lines. 

This is a guy repairing a line. 

This is Corniglia our destination today. You can see the train station in the bottom of the picture. 

The trail today was much better than yesterday but it was longer and my knees are a bit sore tonight. We were told that train service might be disrupted today because of a country wide strike for National Women’s day. I was not looking forward to hiking back the way we had come and climbing up the hills we had just come down. But luckily the trains were running and we were able to take the very short train ride through a long tunnel back to Manarola. 

For dinner we started with mussels. 

Then I had ravioli with a walnut sauce and Duke had potatoes, anchovies, and tomatoes.