Zurich Day 3 – The Finale

Tomorrow morning we fly to London and from there to San Francisco. So today was our last day being tourists. We started off by taking the bus out to the Lindt Factory Store. They don’t offer tours of the factory but as we walked by the factory the smell of chocolate was in the air. It made my mouth water. 

The factory store was fun. We managed to narrow our choices and buy a few things. 

After dropping our purchases off at the hotel we went to the Beyer Clock and Watch Museum.  They had some very interesting and beautiful clocks. 

This clock rolls down the slope over a month and  tells the day of the month as well as the time. 

For dinner we went to Zeughauskeller, a beer hall. Duke had garlic sausage and sauerkraut and I had beef stroganoff. For desert we had strawberries and ice cream. It was by far the best meal we have had in Zurich. 

Zurich day 2

We are staying in a hotel very near where the Limmat River comes out of Lake Zurich. Today we rode the river boat around the lake and up the river. 

This evening we went to a performance of Bach’s  St Johns Passion in the Fraumünster church.  The church has five windows created by Marc Chagall. The church was packed. We enjoyed both the music and the windows. 

For dinner we shared mussels and fries and liver sausage. 

Lichtenstein to Zurich Switzerland 

We have been incredibly lucky with the weather on this trip.  In the pictures below you can see the same mountains on a clear day like yesterday and then what they were like when we caught the bus out of Lichtenstein this morning. 

The bus took us out of Lichtenstein to Sargans in Switzerland where we caught a direct train to Zurich.  In Zurich we walked to our hotel and after a bit of a rest spent the afternoon walking around Zurich. 

We had cheese fondue for dinner.