Our 2017 European Adventure Begins

Duke and have started another long travel adventure. This time we plan to spend two months in Europe. We flew into Madrid and will fly out of Zurich. We will have a rental car in Spain and then we will use public transportation in France, Italy, Slovaki, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland. If you would like to see our itinerary there is a link on the side of the blog to our current plan if you are using a phone to read this you can get to the itinerary using the menu button.

We made it to Madrid. It is a long way from Reno! We left Reno on Jet Blue at midnight Friday night and arrived in New York Saturday morning.  The best thing about Jet Blue is the extra few inches of leg room they provide. It is amazing what a big difference those few inches make to the comfort of the flight.
At JFK in New York we picked up our bags and found a seat to doze and wait for the Iberia Airlines  check-in counter to open. About two pm we finally got checked in, went through security and had a meal. It was incredible that in Terminal 5 where we were waiting you couldn’t even buy a water until you went through security.

Our Iberia flight left about 6pm Saturday night and we arrived in Madrid at 5:30 am Sunday morning.  Iberia gave us both dinner and breakfast and the food was really good. It is so nice to be on a full service airline!!

I’m sure that there will be a lot of sharing of food pictures on this trip so I’ll start now.

We took the metro from the airport to our hotel, The Tryp Gran Via. It is very near where we stayed last year when we were in Madrid. It was pouring rain and the wind was blowing hard when we walked from the Metro to the hotel.

We couldn’t check in until 1:00 so we walked to the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. The sun had come out by this point and the buildings were shining!

Notice the Welcome Refugees sign!

The Thyssen has a vast collection of mostly European art from the thirteenth century to the present.  What a wonderful museum!  We saw Van Goughs, Renoirs, and Picassos. In fact they have at least one work from almost every famous painter.

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