Snowshoeing along Prosser Creek north of Truckee

Duke and I had a very nice snowshoeing outing today along Prosser Creek North of Truckee. We parked just off of highway 89 and headed southeast along the creek. You can see our route at the link below.

Snowshoeing route off of Highway 89 north of Truckee.

This link will open an interactive CalTopo map of our route in a new browser tab.



Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland – Looking for Suggestions for Our Next Trip


We are looking for advice!!

Duke and I are starting to plan our next trip. We will leave February 4 and return April 4. We bought airplane tickets to fly into Madrid and out of Zurich.

Our current plan is to rent a car in Madrid and spend almost three weeks in northern Spain.Then we will make our way across southern France, northern Italy and into Austria. Then to Hungary and Slovakia and finally fly out of Switzerland.

I’ve decided to resurrect my French from High School. I’ve started studying and taking lessons from a great French teacher through italki. Bonne année!!

We know lots of people who have traveled or lived in that part of the world and would love suggestions of places to stay or eat and things to see.