Policoro to Picerno

We are now on the way back to Naples. This morning we left the coast at the ‘instep’ of Italy and headed inland and northwest in the Basilicata region of Italy. Along the way we stopped at the town of Matera. It is the oldest continuously occupied town in Italy. According to Wikipedia the area has been occupied since the Palaeolithic (10th millennium BC). The town is built around a canyon and is famous for its cave dwellings. We parked and walked.

Cave dwellings in Matera
Behind us is the Duomo in Matera.

The cave dwellings in Matera were a slum in the 1950s and were then abandoned. Now they contain shops, B and Bs, and a knitting shop! The first I have seen in Italy.

Knitting shop in Matera
Knitting shop in Matera

After leaving Matera we found a great spot for Duke to record his YouTube review of our Fiat 500X. It will be posted on our YouTube channel soon. If you follow the channel you may have seen that we are now up to 115 subscribers. Thank you all! We have named the channel Boomers Without Borders.

Getting ready to record Duke review of our Fiat 500X

Tonight we are staying at a hotel overlooking the town of Picerno.

Picerno from our hotel.

We played cards in Brian and Jo Ann’s room. tomorrow Brian and Jo Ann will head back to Rome as they start their trip home. So tonight was our last game of 500. The final reckoning for our two weeks of card playing found Duke in first place, Brian and Jo Ann tied for second and me in last place. Our nightly card games were a lot of fun.

Our last card game

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