San Lucido to Ficcarra on Sicily

Today we continued down the Italian coast to the ‘toe’ of Italy where we caught a ferry across to Sicily. A separate ferry was loading big trucks as our ferry was loading cars. It was impressive to see the giant semis making a 90 degree turn onto their ferry.

A truck ready to get on the ferry

The whole operation was very efficient. They were loading and unloading our ferry at the same time. It was all very fast.

Loading our ferry

It is a beautiful day so the views as we cruised the Mediterranean were great. It actually was a very short ride

Crossing from the ‘toe’ of Italy to Sicily.
Duke and I on the ferry

We are staying up in the mountains above the north coast of Sicily. The place is called Villa Ginevra.

The view from our room
Best spot yet to play cards

For dinner the hotel made us a reservation at a restaurant even farther up in the mountains. It was a good thing we had a reservation because there were two big parties going on there too.

Al Boscheto where we ate dinner
Brian, Jo Ann and Duke at dinner
My pasta with fennel, raisins and local sausage