We are On The Road again.

We made it to Rome! It was an smooth trip. Saturday we drove from Reno to the Bay Area where we had a wonderful few hours with family and friends.

Barbecue at Allie and Doug’s

Sunday evening Allison drove us to San Francisco airport. We were checked in, through security and at our gate in thirty minutes. That’s fantastic compared to our last trip when it took two hours!

Swiss Air was quite comfortable. The food was good, especially the chocolate. On the flight to Zurich I slept as much as one can expect on an airplane.

Judging by the Playa dust on her pack, the lady next to Duke had been at Burning Man and was on her way home from Black Rock City.


We had a two hour layover in Zurich and then flew on to Rome where we caught the Leonardo Express Train straight to central Rome. From the train station our hotel was just a short walk.

Buying train tickets
Walking to the hotel.

Although We were exhausted, we went out for some dinner before sleep.

Waiting for dinner in Rome