Weather in Del Webb’s Sierra Canyon in Reno

Last November I wrote a blog about what it is like to live in Sierra Canyon a Del Webb’s over 55  active adult community in Reno. Today I got a comment on my posting  asking about the weather here. Shirley, the commenter is from Washington state near the Canadian border. She asked about snow, cold, heat and dreariness. Here is my reply to her.

suspect you would really like Sierra Canyon. You asked about snow. It
really is not bad at all. This is my first winter in Reno but
apparently we have had a lot more snow than usual this year and it
doesn’t seem like all that much to me. I think we have had 5 or 6
snowstorms and the snow has melted in between them.To me we had just about the right amount of snow. We had the beautiful snow
experience but it didn’t last or block the roads for very long.

If you haven’t picked a house here yet you might consider getting a
south facing driveway. It had never  occurred to me  but
the snow melts in our south facing front yard much faster than it melts
on the yards across the street from us. It is amazing to drive down our
street a couple of days after a snow storm. The yards on the right have
no snow and the yards and driveways on the left still look like winter
with lots of ice and snow. 

It gets cold here but it is nothing like living in the midwest. We
spent quite a bit of time in Iowa this winter and there is a big
difference between temperatures in the 20s and 30s like  we have in
Reno and temperatures around zero like we experienced in Iowa.

You asked whether it is gloomy here. Just the opposite. Reno is
high desert and as a result we have a lot of very sunny days. It is one
of the things I really like about living here. Because it is desert it is also very dry here. We run a humidifier quite
often. Living in a  wetter climate like
Washington means that because ] it is wet it is very green. I suspect that
the thing you would miss most about Washington is the beautiful lush
green vegetation. If I was picking a color to describe western
Washington it would be green. My color for Nevada would be brown.

You may wonder about all the snow in my snowshoeing pictures. We
are right up against the east side of the Sierras. Most of the moisture
from the Pacific hits the Sierras and is dropped on the west side of
the mountains. If you drive 30 miles west from here there is still a
lot of snow. Here there is none.

One other thing about the weather in Reno that you didn’t ask about
is the wind. Especially where Sierra Canyon is situated right up
against the mountains we get a lot of wind. I kind of like it but I
know it drives some people crazy.

I am probably not a good person to ask about the heat in the
summer. We didn’t move up here until the beginning of July and I didn’t
start living here until late August. I spent a good part of last summer
taking care of my Mom who died a the end of July. My husband Duke says
that there were very few days that he turned on the air conditioner.
These houses are VERY well insulated. Don’t get me wrong, Reno can have
very hot weather but as I understand it extreme heat is not the norm. I
think there is a big difference between Las Vegas and Reno. We are more
than 400 miles farther north.

Weather can make a big difference to your state of mind.
But I think the  gorgeous scenery and the abundance of bright sunny
days make Reno a great place to live.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.


Author: marionvermazen

I am a traveler, hiker, avid reader, Sun alumnus, computer geek, Spanish and French language student, knitter and genealogist. I am retired after working for almost 30 years in the Computer Industry. I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband Duke.

9 thoughts on “Weather in Del Webb’s Sierra Canyon in Reno”

  1. Hi Marion,
    By now you have lived in Sierra Canyon a while. How do you like it now? If you have moved on….why? We are looking at Reno as a possibility but I’m still not sure about the weather. We’re used to trees…green, sunshine, not much wind.
    Thanks for any observations you care to share.


  2. Hi, Marion: great blog–found you while searching blogs for Del Webb Reno.
    My sister and I are thinking about moving there after dropping in last May and seeing the place. Love the clubhouse!
    Any advice about moving there?
    Would you do it all over again?
    Our major problem right now would be selling our condo near downtown Half Moon Bay, CA.


  3. We were rented in Sierra Canyon and moved out last fall when we bought our current house. We really liked Sierra Canyon and we love Reno. The main reason we didn’t buy in Sierra Canyon was that we didn’t want to live in a master planned community. We met a lot of wonderful people there and loved all the activities. I still really like the weather too. It is going to be in the 90s today but we have not had very many really hot days.


  4. DrT, We were renting in Sierra Canyon and moved out last fall when we bought a house. I really liked Sierra Canyon. The people were very friendly and the activities were great. As far as recommendations…. I would really recommend getting a house with a view. I didn’t think that would matter to me but I found I loved checking the changing panorama of the mountains.
    A lot of the houses had stucco problems and as I understand it Dell Webb has been very good about fixing the stucco. Be sure if you buy one of the earlier existing houses that the stucco has been replaced.
    If you have other questions and would like to talk on the phone just email me and I will give you my phone number.


  5. Marion,
    Barbara and Bill Size, we are currenly living in Orange County, Yorba Linda, Ca to be exact. We are coming to visit Reno,this coming Saturday,Sept 26th. We have set an appointment, to see the selection of homes, on the 27th with Mike. I truly appreciste the tips you have given in your blog. I am a golfer, and hope they have a good women’s group. My husband is a fly fisherman, and loves to tinker on wood working projects.
    Any other suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. I also think the idea of living there, renting for a while, is a good idea. Perhaps while we are there, we will run into you. Again, thanks for your honesty, all is appreciated.


  6. Barbara,
    It looks like it is going to be a beautiful weekend in Reno. I am sure you will have fun looking at houses. Thanks for your kind words. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  7. Hi Marion,
    I found your site while doing some research on Sierra Canyon. This is a great site, with very useful information. My wife & I are thinking of moving to Sierra Canyon, and in fact drove there (from CA) yesterday (Wed, 11/11/09). We looked at many homes, but I do have a question about the weather. It was so windy up there that it almost knocked my wife over. The sales people said it was not normal to be so windy, but I thought I’d ask you, someone who lived there and who would be unbiased. I know it is situated in a canyon and i wonder if the winds are normal there?
    Marion, I also have concerns about the quality of Pulte homes after reading information on this site: Other than the stucco problem of which you referenced in the blog, were there any other problems?
    Take care and once again, thanks for a great site!


  8. Doug,
    I was not aware of any other problems besides the Stucco but then we were renting so we might not have known. If you would like to talk to some other people who live there let me know by a direct email to marion dot vermazen at Gmail dot com.
    You asked about the wind. We do get very windy days but there are a lot of calm days too. Personally I’d say it is probably more windy than average but I don’t think it is windy enough to deter you from living there.


  9. My wife and I are considering retiring at Sierra Canyon. We have been there and seen the models. We do like what we see. Our problem is the sales staff. We have called them several times with questions about the development. They don’t seem to want to answer our questions. They also seem to be very unfriendly. This makes us uncomfortable about buying there. In fact so uncomfortable that last week we went to Surprise, check out resale homes at the Sun City Grand community. The sales staff should not be this way because they are turning us away from Sierra Canyon and looking at other developments. Why are they this way?


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