Bill Buckley

When Betty Friedan, the author of The Feminine Mystique died I meant to write a blog about how The Feminine Mystique impacted my life. I can remember  exactly how I felt when I read it, how the truth of it hit me, and how it shaped my future. I never got around to writing that blog. So when Bill Buckley died on February 27th I was determined to not just think about what I would write but this time to actually write it. I really want to try to write about why Buckley was one of my heroes, about how much I admired the way he lived his life, and last but not least about how much I enjoy his books, especially his sailing books.

Buckley’s four sailing books are among my favorite books of all time. I
picked one up last night and each place I turned to I
found something thought provoking and interesting. He used a lot of big
words. When I read his books I usually kept a dictionary by me. I loved
the fact that he challenged me. He made me think. I always felt that
when I read Buckley I knew him, I was just a little bit his friend.

A lot has been written and spoken about him since his death. I read the Newsweek cover story and the Wall Street Journal editorial. I watched the Sunday Morning news shows’ tributes to Buckley. I just watched the Charlie Rose show about Buckley. They all reinforce what I already knew. I admired the man and I aspire in many ways to be like him. To be intelligent and articulate, to be known by my friends as someone who treats everyone equally, to believe in the human spirit, To strive to do many things well,  (Buckley wrote 50 books, he wrote newspaper columns, made speeches, hosted a television show, sailed, skied, played the harpsichord and spent time with his friends.) to never be satisfied.,to study, to think, to write and most of all to be the best possible friend to my family members and friends.  At the end of the Charlie Rose show about Buckley, Rose spoke about how much Buckley’s friendship meant to him. Charlie Rose was choking up. I have never seen that happen before. Rose spoke about how important it is to spend time with your friends today because "there is no tomorrow."