Snowshoeing to Chickadee Ridge

Today about 10 of us from the Sierra Canyon hiking and snow shoeing group went snow shoeing to Chickadee Ridge. The views of Lake Tahoe from the top are stunning. Unfortunately when I took my camera out to start taking pictures I discovered I had left the memory card at home. Damn! So that means no pictures unless you want to look at the pictures I took when we hiked there last September. I had to head back to the car soon after we got to the ridge top because I was scheduled to go to a doctor appointment with my Dad. But the rest of the group went on along the ridge. It is basically the route of the Tahoe Rim Trail but there is so much snow that of course there is no trail.

update 3/12
One of the guys who I was snowshoeing with sent me some great pictures he took on this trip. You can see us feeding the chickadees. Thanks Paul!