Snowshoeing at Donner Pass

Wednesday night a few inches of new snow fell at Donner Pass. Thursday morning Linda, Ray, Duke and I went snowshoeing there. We parked at the snow park on the frontage road south of Interstate 80. From there we headed generally southeast to Azalea Lake. 


The trees were all covered with fresh snow and as we hiked every so often we would hear a womp as a pile of snow fell off a tree. Some times a little bit of snow would fall  and roll down a hill. I Iiked the cinnamon roll effect you can see in this picture.


Azalea Lake was covered with ice and snow. It is through the trees in this picture.  Really!


Here is the GPS detail of the trip. If you would like to see all my pictures they are available on Flickr here.

GPS detail

Two Great Snow Shoe Hikes not Far From Reno

Tahoe Meadows to Chickadee Ridge

One of the wonderful things about living in Reno is that there are great opportunities nearby to hike in the summer and go snow shoeing in the winter. Last Thursday I went for my first snowshoeing outing of the winter. My friend Linda had only been on snow shoes once before and agreed to go along on what I told her would be an easy hike. We snowshoed from Tahoe Meadows to Chickadee Ridge. It was an absolutely beautiful day. The sun reflecting off the snow reminded us of the glitter our friend Pat sometimes uses.


The only thing was that the hike turned out to be a much more difficult than I remembered. It didn't help that we started just below the top of the Mount Rose Highway at about 8,550 feet altitude or that by the time we got to Chickadee Ridge where we could see Lake Tahoe we were at almost 9000 feet. We still had a wonderful time and Linda was a great sport even when I am sure she wasn't quite sure what I had gotten her into.

We stopped for hot chocolate and snacks on the ridge overlooking Lake Tahoe


Here is the view from the ridge.

Here is the GPS plot of our route. I guess it was a bit steep!

GPS - rpoute Chickadee Ridge 

  If you would like to see all of my pictures from our trip they are available on Flickr here.

Donner Lake

In spite of our misadventures last week Linda and her husband Ray agreed to go snowshoeing again today. We snowshoed along the shore of Donner Lake in Donner Memorial State Park. It is a wonderful place to snowshoe. It is scenic and right off interstate 80 just west of Truckee. Our route was out and back and was a total of 2.3 miles.

Donner Lake GPS route

It was overcast today and we even had a bit of wind and snow falling but it was a lot easier than last week. and we had a lot of fun.


If you would like to see all my pictures form today's hike they are available on Flickr here.

Snowshoeing at Northstar at Tahoe

My nephew and his room mate are staying with us while they ski this week. Up until yesterday they were catching a bus at the Peppermill to take them to the ski resorts. Yesterday I drove them to Northstar at Tahoe and I went snowshoeing while they skied. It was a beautiful warm day and there was still lots of snow. The lady at the snowshoeing and cross country skiing lodge took this picture before I started out.


Northstar charges $25 for a snowshoeing day pass. I think that is probably why I saw very few people all day. After all, you can snowshoe free lots of places so why pay.

I made a five mile loop. Many of the trails had no footprints to follow so I was following the little yellow snowshoe markers and the pink flags. There were lots of them so it was easy to find the trail by standing at a marker and looking for the next one.It was fun too.


There are two warming huts on the trails. I didn't stop at the caboose hut.

But I did stop for lunch on a bench outside the Swiss Hut with a fantastic view of Truckee meadows. After lunch I read my Kindle for a while with the Sun warming my back. Such decadence!

If you would like to see all of my pictures for yesterday they are on Flickr here.

Snowshoeing Donner Camp Historic Site

Today we went snowshoeing with the group from Sierra Canyon. There were only six of us. We had a lot of fun and it was a beautiful day. 

Sierra Canyon snowshoeing Prosser reservoir 035

There was about two feet of new snow and as we finished up it started snowing again. Duke brought some of the home made cookies he made Saturday to share.

Sierra Canyon snowshoeing Prosser reservoir 024

We parked at the Donner Camp State Historic site which is just 2.9 miles north of interstate 80 on highway 89. This is where part of the Donner party camped and died.

Sierra Canyon snowshoeing Prosser reservoir 044

We were on established trails about half the time and we were breaking trail in deep new snow the rest of the time. About a half a mile from the road it started snowing lightly. It was like a picture postcard of winter. If you would like to see all of my pictures from today they are available on Flickr here.

Snowshoeing at Donner Summit

Duke and I went snowshoeing with the Sierra Canyon hiking and snowshoeing group today. We parked at the snow-park at Donner pass off of Interstate 80 and hiked along the Pacific Crest Trail over towards highway 40.  It was a beautiful cold day. Most of the snow around here in Reno has melted but up at Donner Summit where we were snowshoeing there was still lots of snow. There were 14 people in the group so we got to see a lot of friends and meet a few new people. It was so good to be out. I am including a few of my pictures below. You can see the rest on Flickr here.
Sierra Canyon snowshoeing Donner Pass 1-12-2009 005

Below is a picture of me on the lake where we stopped for lunch.

Sierra Canyon snowshoeing Donner Pass 1-12-2009 013

Here you can see the whole group crossing a lake on the way back.

Sierra Canyon snowshoeing Donner Pass 1-12-2009 020

Snowshoeing at Tahoe Meadows

Duke and I and our friend Bonnie went snowshoeing at Tahoe Meadows yesterday. We were only out for about an hour and a half because we had stuff to do in the afternoon. But it was wonderful. The snow and the trees and the mountains were so beautiful. If you would like to see my pictures you can see them here.

I love that we can be go out snowshoeing and be home by noon!


First Snowshoeing of the season

Duke and I went out with the Sierra Canyon Hiking Group today for our first snowshoeing trip of the season. We went to Tahoe Meadows. It was sunny and warm and we had a wonderful time. There was only about 8 inches of snow but the ground was well covered. The views of Lake Tahoe and the mountains were breathtaking. The lake looked like it was frozen there were swirls of fog that looked like blowing snow on ice but Lake Tahoe never freezes. I don't know when we will get to snowshoe again. the weather is supposed to be quite warm for the next several days and there is no more snow predicted. If you would like to see all of my pictures of the hike you can see them on Flickr here.
Snowshoeing Tahoe Meadows 11-13-08 012
Snowshoeing Tahoe Meadows 11-13-08 002

Sierra Canyon snowshoeing hike to Andesite Peak

Duke and I live in an over 55 community in Reno, Nevada called Sierra Canyon. A lot of people in our community love to hike , ski, and snowshoe. Many of the skiers have skied 50 or more days this year. Although I don’t ski I learned to snowshoe and I love it.

Monday was our last snowshoeing hike of the year. We went to the same place that we went on New Year’s Eve last year – Andesite Peak. The snow was a bit slushy but there was still lots of it. The hike starts just across from Boreal Ski Resort (Boreal is now closed for the season) at the summit of Donner Pass off of interstate 80.

Last time there were no rocks to be seen on top but this time we could see the sign at the top. DSC_0378

The wind was blowing at the top but the views are breathtaking.


We had a  lunch this time on an exposed log.


Next Monday we are going to the American River canyon, at least 6000 feet lower elevation.

If you would like to see all of my pictures from the Andesite Peak hike you can see them here.

Sierra Canyon Snow Shoe Hike to Eagle Lakes

Yesterday seven of us (Walt and six ladies) from the Sierra Canyon hiking and snowshoeing group did a snowshoe hike to Eagle Lakes. Round trip distance for the hike was just under five miles. The trail head was just off Interstate 80  west of Truckee, California at exit 164, Eagle Lakes Road. The elevation was around 5400 so much of the snow was melting and there was a lot of running water. A few times we were walking on dirt and fording creeks. Although we have had a lot of very windy days lately we were lucky to get a really nice day. The trail had some ups and downs. It was a good work out and a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures. If you would like to see the rest you can see them on Flickr here.

Dsc_0227 Dsc_0244  Dsc_0239

As you can see we had to cross water several times.


This is one of the Eagle Lakes. You can see that he ice is starting to break up.


Here is our lunch stop overlooking the lake