Earthquake and hikes

A sharp jolt woke me up early Saturday morning. I realized immediately that it was an earthquake – a pretty substantial one. If the epicenter was more than a few miles away then I thought it must have been quite a big quake judging by how strong it felt and sounded to me. It took me a while to go back to sleep but eventually I did. First thing Saturday morning I checked out the quake on the USGS website. They described it as being 2 miles ENE from Verdi-Mogul. That is exactly where I live! It was only a magnitude 3.0 but no wonder it felt big. I was almost on top of the epicenter. Today I put the exact coordinates into my GPS and found out that it was actually centered about one mile to the east of me. I think I’ll use the GPS to go check out the exact spot.

I received the GPS for Christmas and I’ve been having fun learning how to use it. Yesterday I hiked 3 miles up the mountain we live on. The top of Peavine Mountain is a long way off but going 3 miles up gave me a good work out and some great views. Where I turned around I saw a herd of about 40 deer.

Hiking382007_008 Hiking382007_011

The hike yesterday was so nice that today I decided to do another out my front door hike. I also decided to try to find my first geocache using my GPS.  This time I headed down hill. A new road is being built that will connect us much more directly with interstate 80. It is supposed to open this spring. I walked down the new road, across old highway 40 and down to the Truckee River. The geocache was fairly easy to find. It was kind of exciting to find my first one!

Hiking_392008_019 Hiking_392008_023_2

I decided to try to find another geocache nearby. It was back up the hill from the river. The location was supposed to be in this old car but I couldn’t find the cache. As I was making my way back home I startled some more deer. It was fun hike and a beautiful day. I am inspired to find some more geocaches!


Now that I’m home I’ve checked out the clue to the cache. Maybe later this week  I’ll try again to find it.