Huilo Huilo Biological Preserve – Exploring a bit of the Chilean Temperate Rain Forest and Thundering Waterfalls.

We are staying in the Huilo Huilo Biological Preseve. This is a picture of our hotel. When we look out the window of our room it feels like we are in a tree house.

Today was a busy day. This morning we visited the red deer enclosure, the wild boar enclosure and the Museum.

The museum had a mammoth tusk that had been carved.

It also had a really extensive mineral collection. This is a scorpion in amber.

This afternoon we hiked to two more waterfalls not far from the hotel. The first waterfall was Huilo Huilo Falls.

Next we hiked to Puma Falls. There is so much water in the river right now that we got wet from the spray. They have a tree tunnel to walk through but it didn’t help keep us dry at all.

Dinner was pizza and beer at the Peterman Brewery across from the hotel.