Achao to Ensenada in the Chilean Lake District

This morning we left the island of Chiloe and drove to Ensenada in the Chilean Lake District. It has been rainy and totally overcast all day so we can’t see any of what is reputed to be great scenery. The guide book says we have a great view of Volcán Osorno from here. I hope the weather is better tomorrow so we can see it.

We are staying in a geodesic dome at Cabañas Abilene Bosque Nativo just outside of Ensenada. Our cabaña is totally off the grid. We have a fire in the wood stove and we are deliciously cozy.

We are eating dinner here tonight.

If you would like a tour of our cabana you will find one on my YouTube channel in a couple of days.

Quellón to Achao on the Island of Quinchao – Tuesday 6 November

Tuesday morning we left Quellón at the south end of Chiloé and headed north. We stopped in Castro, the Capital of Chiloé. Right on the central square there is a beautiful, big yellow and lavender church, Iglesias de San Francisco. I think the all wood interior is gorgeous.

Just north of Castro we headed east and then took a short car ferry ride to the island of Quinchao, one of the 41 islands in the Chiloé archipelago. We are staying just out side of the town of Achao. In town we walked around a bit and visited the wooden Iglesias de Santa Maria de Loreto. It was built on 1730 and is the oldest house of worship in Chili. I especially liked the floors that still have the axe marks from when they were cut.

The hotel where we stayed is on a hill overlooking the harbor. The building appeared to be relatively new. It had pretty rough wood paneling throughout. Our room had a nice big window and expansive view. The building wasn’t heated but our room was warm because we had an electric heater. The whole place was a bit strange. We were the only people in the building besides the owner, there was no internet, and the bottom sheet on the squeaky bed had no elastic so it only covered the mattress when we first went to bed!