Today we rented a car and explored around Ushuaia. First we went out to Tierra Del Fuego National Park. We hiked along the shore of Acigami lake.

We drove to the end of the road.

We saw several of this unusual bird. I think they are kelp geese.

After we left the park we drove up and then hiked to see the glacier above Ushuaia.

Finally we drove north east out of town. The mountains and valleys around Ushuaia are just gorgeous.

Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

This morning we took a three and a half hour flight south from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia at the southern tip of South America. We are now at fifty five degrees south.

After checking into our hotel we walked around a bit and explored.

We had a great dinner at a restaurant called Maria Lola on top of a hill overlooking the town.

Here is a link to the video I made for today.

Buenos Aires Day 2

Today is Mother’s Day in Argentina. I guess Mother’s Day has to be in Spring wherever you are. The occasion made it hard to get a taxi and all the restaurants seemed full.

Yesterday we bought tickets for a 1:45 tour of Teatro de Colon today.

The tour was fabulous. The opera house is considered to have the best acoustics for opera of any opera house in the world and it is exquisitely beautiful.

One of the interesting things we learned is that there is a small balcony above the chandelier for a choir of fifteen who can provide a heavenly chorus.

Tomorrow we fly to Patagonia.

Buenos Aires

Today we took the Subte (subway) into central Buenos Aires.

We saw the Casa Rosada, the office and house of the President of Argentina.

We stopped for coffee.

We checked out the exhibits in the former central post office which is now an art museum.

Meals here in Argentina have been super cheap. Tonight we ate at a restaurant called Voro Cranes. Our steaks with two sides and a bottle of wine cost $47. The beef has been the most tender and tasty that I have had in a long time.

Here is a link to the video I made today.

Montevideo, Uruguay to Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today we took the ferry from Montevideo to Buenos Aires. The ferry is a catamaran and goes fast, more than thirty miles per hour. The speed was impressive. I’ve never been on such a fast boat.

We are staying in a very nice area of Buenos Aires. There are lots of nice restaurants on the tree lined streets. We went to a great barbecue place.

Afterwards we went to a jazz club nearby called Thelonius and listed to a great group.

Here is a link to the video I made today.

Montevideo Day 2

Today was rainy, gray and cool. When we finally roused ourselves to go exploring we visited the Carnival Museum.

We walked around and people watched.

Here they are bringing in wood for the barbecue fires.

We stopped for coffee.

Tonight we again had steak for dinner at another barbecue place.

Uruguay must have rules about disclosing salt content. The menus list items with no salt and we saw this sign in the restaurant tonight.

It says less salt more life.

Tomorrow morning we take the ferry to Argentina


Today we explored Montevideo a bit. We walked to Independencia Plaza and visited the memorial to General Artigas, the Father of Uruguay.

We visited the Gaucho museum. And of course Duke was inspired to try out his Gaucho skills.

My Gaucho!

For dinner we had steak at one of the barbecue places in the market across from our hotel. When we walked through the market this morning the barbecue fires were roaring.

Here they are bringing in wood for tomorrow.

Our steak tonight was superb.

We had an interesting exchange with our waiter at dinner. It illustrates how much people all over the world follow American politics. The waiter asked where we were from. We said the U.S. and he asked what state. When Duke said Nevada the waiter said “Nevada is very important in the election isn’t it?” He was aware that Nevada is an early caucus state!

Here is the link to the video I made today.