Today we explored Montevideo a bit. We walked to Independencia Plaza and visited the memorial to General Artigas, the Father of Uruguay.

We visited the Gaucho museum. And of course Duke was inspired to try out his Gaucho skills.

My Gaucho!

For dinner we had steak at one of the barbecue places in the market across from our hotel. When we walked through the market this morning the barbecue fires were roaring.

Here they are bringing in wood for tomorrow.

Our steak tonight was superb.

We had an interesting exchange with our waiter at dinner. It illustrates how much people all over the world follow American politics. The waiter asked where we were from. We said the U.S. and he asked what state. When Duke said Nevada the waiter said “Nevada is very important in the election isn’t it?” He was aware that Nevada is an early caucus state!

Here is the link to the video I made today.