Concordia, Argentina to Salto, Uruguay

This morning a taxi driver took us across the Uruguay River to Salto, Uruguay. The temperature was a steady 50 degrees here with rain all day. Crossing the border was easy and the immigration check was fast and painless.

This afternoon we walked around Salto. We visited a small art Museum and went down to the river.

Paso de los Libres to Concordia – Sunday, 13 October

What a difference a day makes! Today was much cooler than the last few days. We continued to head south. Before we left Paso de los Libres we walked into the center for coffee.

When we left for the bus station it was overcast. While we waited for our bus we had thunder and lightening and a few heavy rain showers.

We had a pleasant bus ride to Concordia across the river from Uruguay.

Prices in Argentina have been mostly quite cheap. Dinner last night with steak, a good bottle of wine, and desert was $31. Our hotel was about ten miles from the bus station and the taxi ride was $9.