Ayamonte to Zafra

There is an old tidal mill on the outskirts of Ayamonte. We thought the museum would be open Sunday morning. It wasn’t, but we took a walk on a path in the tidal flats nearby.

We left Ayamonte and headed towards Zafra. After a few miles we stopped for fruit and cheese at a roadside rest area.

We stopped in the little town of Jerez de la Caballeros. We had snacks and walked around a bit. Driving the narrow streets was an adventure in and of itself.

On our way from Jerez de la Caballeros to Zafra we happened to see a sign for a Roman Bridge. We took a short path through the woods and there it was a second century bridge built by the Romans.

Nearby we stopped again to take pictures of a castle on a hill and what the signs said was a medieval bridge.

We are staying at the Parador in Zafra which is built in the 1457 Alcázar de los Duques de Féria.

After we checked in we went down to the Plaza Grande for coffee. Coincidentally they were doing some kind of art installation. First a woman carved a palm tree stump with a chain saw. Then another guy painted it and finally a bass opera type singer serenaded it. The whole thing was rather strange but the people watching was great fun.

We had a typical elaborate and tasty meal at the Parador.


Main course.

Lamb stew.

Veal sirloin.

And for dessert- fried ice cream with chocolate sauce.