We spent today in Annecy. Our first order of business was laundry. We had coffee and croissants while we waited for the laundry to finish.

Given that I described my shower rating system when we were back in Colmar I feel that I should mention that our Hotel here in Annecy, the Hotel Carlton, also has a five star shower. And the shower lights are purple which is surprisingly cool.

With the help of a brochure from the tourist office we took a walking tour of Annecy.

At the top of the hill all the fire vehicles were parked outside the Chateau. It made me wonder if in light of yesterday’s Notre Dame fire they decided to review their fire preparedness or if they were concerned the fire might not have been an accident.

There was a market going on in the old town. The smells and colors were delicious.

We bought some cheese

And a baguette

To go with the wine and ham we already have. It made a great lunch.

for dinner we had fish and steak at a nearby restaurant.