Copenhagen – Friday, 17 August, 2018

We had a full day today. First we took the Metro into the City Center and took the Hop On Hop Off tour of Christiania.

Next we walked through Christiania Freetown. The settlement was created in the 70s when squatters took over an abandoned military base. Apparently the settlement has been run somewhat separately from the rest of Copenhagen since then. The bus tour narrative said that weed used to be sold freely but isn’t any more. But as we walked down Pusher Street we saw about twenty different guys selling quite openly. The aroma was very strong. As we left the area we saw a van full of police pull up and empty out heading towards the area we had just left. We decided to retrace our route. This time as we walked down Pusher Street their were lots of police and no one selling weed.

Our next stop was Our Savior’s Church. Duke and Valerie climbed to the top. Duke said the steps at the very top were so narrow that he wouldn’t fit.

We stopped far a coffee break. Right after we got our drinks it started to rain so we went inside.

Our last sightseeing stop was the Danish National Museum. The history and relics starting from the Stone Ages up to a the present were fascinating.

Finally we ate a great restaurant, P Eatery. Our last dinner with Valerie and Vicky,who fly home tomorrow, was special.

Hornbæk to Copenhagen – Thursday, 16 August 2018

This morning we drove to Copenhagen. We are staying at a big modern hotel near the airport, AC Hotel Bella Sky. We dropped Vicky, Valerie and our bags off at the hotel. Then Duke and I returned our rental car, bought Metro passes and took the Metro back to the hotel.

After meeting back up with the girls we all took the Metro into Copenhagen. We really lucked out on the weather. Today was sunny with a high of 75. It was perfect weather to sit on top of the Hop on Hop off bus for our tour of the city.

When we took the boat tour it seemed like all of the people in Copenhagen were sitting out by the canals having a snack or a drink or just enjoying the day.

Between our bus tour and our boat tour we had snacks a a sidewalk cafe.

For dinner we had a fabulous meal at Palægad, a Michelin listed restaurant a few blocks from our Metro stop.