Stockholm, August 5 2018

I visited Stockholm back in 1971 with my family. The only thing I remember about that visit was seeing the Vasa. Because of how much I enjoyed my first visit the one thing on my short list of things to do in Stockholm this time was to see the Vasa again.

The Vasa is a wooden warship built for the Swedish Navy. It was launched in 1628 and sank twenty minutes later. It was salvaged in 1961. The ship is in remarkable condition. Back in 1971 the ship was still being conserved. I remember that they were constantly spraying water and a preservative on it.

Today we walked to Djurgården and visited the (new to me) Vasa Museum.

After the Vasa Museum we explored the island a bit and then got hotdogs from a street vendor.

On our way back to the hotel we got caught in a thundershower and got quite wet. Vicky and Valerie continued exploring and Duke and I napped.

For dinner we ate at a fish restaurant, Stockholm Fisk.

Finally we waked around the old town. We have seen no homeless people in Stockholm.