Day 2 Aboard the Hurtigruten, Richard With

Today our ship sailed into what is probably the most famous fjord in Norway, Geirangerfjord. We spent all day going east and south until we were deep in a narrow water way with steep cliffs and waterfalls all around us at the head of the fjord.

The expedition staff on the ship gave us a couple of interesting presentations during the day. We had periods of rain and sun all day. They described the weather as trollish. They also told us that Bergen had 278 days with rain last year.

Our ship stopped this morning and this evening at Ålesund the town at the opening of the Fjord. Both times we got off for a bit and walked around.

Hurtigruten offers a lot of shore expeditions as add on to the trip. We didn’t do any today but they offered one for which people got off the ship at the end of the fjord and went on a bus tour. The people on that expedition will meet the ship at a town we stop at later tonight. At one of the info meetings today the staff showed a video of the road that the bus tour took today. It is called Stegastein. The video shows the road being cleared of snow in the spring. It’s a pretty amazing video. You can see it here.