Berlin – 23 March 2018

Duke and I each have ancestors that came from Germany and Holland. For me it’s the Bantas from Holland and the Menolds from Germany. For Duke it is the Norenbergs from Germany and the Vermazens from Holland. I like to think that some of our ancestors might have seen the same things we are seeing.

Today in Berlin we went to the German History Museum. Part of the building was designed by the architect Loeh Minh Pei. The exhibits provided a really well done overview of German history.

We spent about four hours at the museum then walked down to the Brandenburg Gate.

And from there to the Reichstag. We would have gone in but it turns out you need to book in advance. Maybe next time. There was a protest going on about Turkey murdering Kurds when we walked past.

Tomorrow we take the train to Warsaw. This last part of our trip is a whirlwind sample of several countries.