Parador de Vic-Sau to Parador de Cordona

From our view overlooking the reservoir of Sau we drove into the town of Vic and parked. We walked around the town in the rain marveling at the beautiful old buildings. This Roman temple was built in the first century AD.

Duke bought some communion wafers left overs from an enclosed convent. He never saw the nun who sold him the bag. It was all done through a evolving serving hatch

Everywhere we looked we saw Catalonian separatist signs.

After a coffee in Vic we drove to Cordona where we are staying in a Parador in a castle high above the town. After checking in we had fun exploring the castle from its base to the top of the tower.

For dinner Duke and I started with a cheeses and nut plate.

We had veal and beef for our main course.

For desert I had strawberry with cheese ice cream and Duke had cottage cheeses with honey.