Manuel Antonio Day 2

Several times while we have been here at Plaza Yara we have seen families of monkeys in the forest behind the hotel. We have watched them from our balcony and from the patio near the breakfast area. They are really fun to watch.

This afternoon we took a boat tour through the mangroves to Damos Island. The guide pointed out all the damage from the big storm just before we got here. For over a week this area was cut off by flooding all around the area. When we got to the boat launch site he showed us many different plants including this paprika tree.

We were the only tourists on the boat. The ride was beautiful and relaxing. We saw bats and lizards.

A snake and a crocodile.

And then the guide got us some fresh coconut to drink.

And we fed a family of monkeys!

Our trip was with Cambute Tours. The guide was knowledgeable and entertaining. The whole trip was really fun.