Manuel Antonio

A correction to yesterday’s blog. I said that I thought all the palm trees we saw along the road were date palms but I found out from our guide today they are being farmed for palm oil.

We left the hotel at 7:20 this morning for a guided hike in Manuel Antonio National Park. We had a wonderful time. Our guide Roger Orozco found plants and animals we never would have seen. I would highly recommend Our hotel here, the Plaza Yara and our guide Roger. Roger can be contacted through the hotel.

He had a tripod mounted scope and used it to show us lizards, colorful grasshoppers, bats, land crabs and monkeys. He also used the scope to take some great pictures with my phone.

We also saw lots of varieties of mushrooms.

And raccoons at the beach where they are a pests because they have been fed by tourists.

We hiked to the beach and back.

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at the side of the rode to look at a tree sloth.

For dinner we went into Quepos and ate at a lovely restaurant overlooking the harbor, Gabriellas. The food was wonderful and we had live guitar music and very friendly service.