MonteVerde to near Arenal Lake

All of our breakfasts on this trip have included great fresh fruit. This morning’s was especially great.

Our destination tonight near Arenal Lake and Volcano was only 19 miles as the crow flies from Monte Verde. Even the shortest driving route would have been circuitous and about three hours. But because of all the mud slides we took an even longer route and it took us about five hours. But after the first couple of hours it was all paved roads.

The tractor in the picture below is on the road into The Monte Verde Resort where we were staying. He had to move to allow us to get out. That road was scarey in the dark when we came in. It was even more impressive in the daylight when we were leaving. I’m glad we have a four wheel drive vehicle.

We had to stop for road clearing and eventually turn around to take a different route.

Once we got to pavement it was relatively smooth sailing. We stopped for groceries and snacks.

Tonight we are staying at Arenal Springs Resort. It is big and beautiful. This is the view of the volcano from the restaurant.

We had a lovely dinner of salad and pizza.