Poison Oak

I got a bad case of poison oak on the hike we did down to the Yuba River back on May 29. At first I thought maybe I could tough it out but when it kept getting worse and worse and the weeping blisters on my arm became unbearable I ended going to a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic while I was there helping my sister recover from her hip surgery.

They put me on a course of steroids of which I have four days left and they told me to use Domeboro astringent solution on my weeping blisters. As far as I am concerned Domeboro is a wonder drug. It  immediately dried up the oozing. Part of the reason for this posting is so that I can remember to use the Domeboro sooner the next time I get poison oak.

This isn’t the first time I have had poison oak. I am very sensitive to it. One of the great things about hiking in the High Sierra is that there is no poison oak above a certain altitude.