Nevada Republican Executive Committee will Pick Delegates to National Convention

If you have been reading my posts about the Nevada Republican state convention or if you have been following the story in the news you know that the original Republican State Convention was adjourned after the Ron Paul delegates staged a coup. The party elite said that they would schedule a reconvened convention soon. The original convention was April 27. They finally got around to scheduling a part 2 convention for this Saturday July 26. The Reno Gazette Journal ran a story Friday saying the new convention has been canceled and the party central committee will pick state delegates to the national convention. I think this was what the party elite wanted all along after the Ron Paul supporters took over the first convention and it was clear that if the convention elected delegates they would be Ron Paul delegates not John McCain delegates. I'm a John McCain supporter but his back room politics makes me question whether I want to be a loyal Republican in the Fall!

The next chapter of this cliff hanger drama will be when the national Republican party credentials committee meets to decide whether they should seat the delegates picked by the central committee or the delegates picked by the Ron Paul supporters at the alternate part 2 convention they staged on June 28. I wonder if the meeting is open to the public. It would be very entertaining to listen to the arguments.

Update 8/8/08: I emailed the party and asked them whenthe Credentials committee meets and whether it is open to the public. Here is the answer:
Hello and thank you for your interest in the 2008 Republican National Convention.
The Convention Committees that meet the week prior to the convention are not open to the pubic.
Thank you for your questions.

The New Road from Interstate 80 into Sierra Canyon is Open

Anyone who has ever visited us has experienced the 6 roundabouts that you have to go through to get to our house in Sierra Canyon. If you were coming from California this meant going to exit 9 and then essentially doing a u-turn after getting off the freeway and going five or so miles back to the west.

As long as we have lived here they have been working on a new road which  comes into the back side of Sierra Canyon. The long awaited road opened last Friday. If you are coming to our house from the west you exit 80 at the first exit in Nevada (exit 2) and drive through Verdi to the new road Somersett Ridge Parkway. If you are coming from the east you get off 80 at exit 5 and essentially do a U-turn at the new roundabout to get on Somersett Ridge Parkway.

It is very exciting. The new road makes a huge improvement to our drive into Reno. It will be interesting to see when the new road get on to the mapping sites.

Crag Lake Hike 026

Updating my Blog Roll with some Local Reno Blogs

I'm adding some Reno blogs to my list of blogs I always read in the side bar.

  • Local So-and-So – Be Interesting is the golden rule of blogging. Ron is a new blogger who is writing an interesting blog from the start. We both attended the Nevada Republican conventions and have enjoyed comparing notes on the circus that is Nevada Republican Politics. His post about the alternate convention gives a different perspective than mine.
  • Reno Realty Blog – We moved into our house in Reno exactly one year ago. It has been fun to explore Reno and learn about what is going on. This blog about Reno real Estate is always interesting and I've picked up lots of interesting tid bits about neighborhoods, prices, and Reno by reading it. The latest post about a Real estate auction in Somersett (our development) has interesting comments about real estate auctions and whether they are real.
  • Downtown Reno News – Downtown Reno is Great!  The guy who writes this blog lives downtown. He walks his dog through downtown every day and chronicles what is happening as Reno continues to improve the downtown area. In his side bar he comments how downtown Reno was a dump 7 years ago and now in his words Reno has:

"a thriving community downtown. New retail businesses are popping
up every month, there are actually neighborhoods and districts forming
in the downtown Reno area, and the river park draws a huge number of
people in the summer. This winter, the ice rink has been packed every
single night it is open."