Hobart Reservoir Hike

Yesterday the Sierra Canyon hiking group was just four of us (Dave, Sherry, Merle and me). We did a very strenuous hike to Hobart Reservoir from the east. To get to the trail head from Carson City we went west on Ash Canyon Road turned left on Winnie then right on Wellington. The jeep road which head up the mountain is an unmarked left turn between the beautiful houses along Wellington.

We headed up the very narrow dirt road for two or three miles.  I was glad that Dave was a good driver. He went very slowly and his Jeep Cherokee did fine. When we found a wide part of the road we decided to stop and walk. We were at 6000 ft. We hiked up the road for a couple of miles and finally reached the crest at 7,904 feet. The climb was steep and hard. It turned out that we could have driven all the way up. We would have had to move this tree off the road


but otherwise the road was passable. As you can see the road up goes through a lot of trees that were burned by a forest fire a few years ago. Here is the parking area at the top.


From here we hikes down a mile or two and dropped 400 feet to Hobart Reservoir where we had lunch.

Hobart_reservoir_009 Hobart_reservoir_013

We hiked further down the creek that goes out of the reservoir and then headed back to the car. All of my pictures are here on Flickr.

Free Brand new Book – Does anyone read my Blog?

In my blog posting on Sept 29 I offered to send a free copy of the new book Lincoln: The Presidential Archives to the first person who posted a comment on the blog and sent me their address. (The offer is still good.)Since no one has taken me up  on the offer I must assume that no one wants the book or no one reads my blog. I get a few comments on my blog so I know that it sometimes gets read. I think this illustrates what I have suspected for a while. Most people probably read blogs by searching. For example Richard Bernstein the author of The book Thomas Jefferson recently commented on the blog post I did for his book. Undoubtedly he found the post by searching on his name. I was very excited to get his feedback and in a sense make an acquaintance with him.

I regularly read blogs by using the Google blog reader but I suspect no one else regularly reads my blog. This bothered me for a while but I then I reminded myself that I blog because I like to. Comments welcome.