Who Owns This House – Gossip

A couple of weeks ago we received a letter forwarded by our landlord from the Sierra Canyon Homeowners Association AKA the Lawn Patrol complaining about the dead spots in our lawn. They were there when we rented the house and they are getting smaller and fewer because of Duke’s lawn care. The letter was more than a little annoying.

It really made us wonder why the Lawn Patrol doesn’t do something about the house down the street from us.


As you can see in this picture the lawn is completely dead as are all the trees in the yard. As I understand it the Homeowners Association has a right to put a lien on the house and fix the yard at the homeowners expense. Del Webb/Pulte, the builder, is still selling new houses in this development and well maintained front yards could make a difference in a prospective buyer deciding whether to buy or not to buy. I imagine that Pulte/Del Webb still controls more than 50% of the votes in the Homeowners Association. I’m sure that is why the Lawn Patrol sent a letter to our landlord.

We recently heard some gossip which seems to clear up this puzzle about the house with the dead yard and why the Homeowners Association seems to be ignoring it. What we heard is that the house was sold to some people with a sale contingent on the sale of their house. When their house didn’t sell they backed out of the sales contract. According to the gossip, Pulte/Del Webb maintains that the house was sold and that the contingent buyers can’t back out. So apparently now the lawyers are fighting about who owns the house and the Pulte/Del Webb lawyers have told the homeowners association not do any maintenance on the house or the yard. Presumably because maintenance might strengthen the case that Pulte owns the house.

Just to repeat this is all gossip. I have no idea if the story is true. But is does make one wonder…….