Blogging Side Benefits

Last week I wrote a post titled Inspiration linking to Tom Mangan’s blog about 4WheelBob being the first person in a wheel chair to climb White Mountain. You can imagine how much I felt like an insider when I saw the story on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News  last Friday. It was exciting!

Personally I always found that blogging really helped my career as well as expanding my personal network. It helped me clarify my goals and my strategy and tactics and it made me visible to other people.  While I was at Sun I know I did a better, more visible job because I blogged. I believe blogging helped me get the job at Intuit. When I left Intuit I got a job offer as a result of blogging. 

It seems to me that Tom Mangan’s story about 4WheelBob climbing White Mountain is another example about blogging helping a career. Tom seems to be blogging about what he likes to do and it seems to me that blogging must help his career. I emailed him to ask him about this and he replied "to answer your question re blogging and the career: it helps, but not as much as you  might think." He pointed out that blogging might help but he still need a day job unrelated to hiking. Blogging takes a lot of time so one might question whether the return is worth the time it takes.

Bottom line is I guess most of us blog because we enjoy it. Any career benefits are side benefits, not the reason to blog. Now that I am retired from corporate life I like to think that blogging still helps my career. I am the CEO of Marion Inc. My goal is to live, to love, to learn and to be interesting. Blogging is part of my strategy to enhance the learn and be interesting part. Maybe that is at the heart of why I enjoy blogging.

Sierra Canyon Hiking Group Hike in the Tahoe-Donner Ski Area

Duke and I went hiking again with the Sierra Canyon Hiking group again on Monday. Sierra Canyon is the 55 and over community that we live in so all the hikers are 55 or older. Monday we hiked around the Tahoe-Donner Ski area and Euer Valley Cross-country ski Area. We were just north of Interstate 80 overlooking Donner pass. We hiked about 5 miles and had great panoramic views of the Pacific Crest.

Here are a few pictures. You can click on them to see them full size




Here is the Flickr link for all of my pictures of this hike.

Directions: to Tahoe-Donner

I80 west to Truckee
Exit 184 (Donner State Park/Donner Pass Rd)
Turn Right
0.4 miles turn left at light on Northwoods Blvd
1.3 miles to blinking light
Turn left on to Northwoods Rd
0.7 miles turn left on Skislope Rd
4.2 miles to Glacier Way
Glacier Way Trailhead #24 on left
Park in trailhead parking lot.