The Great Reno Baloon Races

My daughter came to visit this weekend and got to see our new house for the first time. She got here late Friday night but in spite of that we all got up at 4am Saturday morning! We wanted to go see the Reno Balloon Races. We had no idea if it would be worth getting up at such an ungodly hour but reading about it in the paper made it sound interesting. We left home at 4:30 and just followed the traffic. We parked on one of the side streets near Rancho San Rafael Park and then walked.  There were lots of people but it was easy to find a place to sit in the middle of a dark field. First we watched the Glow Show at 5am. It was quite a sight to see the balloons light up as they ignited the burners. Then at 5:30 we watched the dawn patrol. 5 balloons launching together and staying in formation in the night sky. It was incredibly beautiful. After the dawn patrol there was a break, so we had breakfast at the Kiwanis Club pancake breakfast. Around 6:30 they started inflating and launching over a hundred balloons. We got to stand right in the middle of it all. It was great fun. But next year I will dress more warmly, bring blankets to sit on, and a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee. I’m not sure I will be there for the glow show next year but the dawn patrol, the pancake breakfast and the simultaneous launch of over 100 balloons as the sun rose was absolutely worth getting up for.

Balloon_races_2 Balloon_races_3_2