The Last one on the Freeway

Sunday night Duke and I saw the Cedar Walton Trio at Yoshi’s. It was a wonderful show.

On the way home the traffic on the 880 freeway came to a complete stop. After we had been waiting a while Duke pointed out that there was no one behind us on the freeway. 880 is 6 lanes wide at that point and there wasn’t a single headlight behind us. It is very weird to be the last person on the freeway.

We saw 4 or 5 ambulances going the other way and then saw a life flight helicopter take off a ways up the road. When we finally got up to the accident you could see a smashed car and a van on its side. There was an article about the accident in the paper this morning. Apparently the accident started on the other side of the freeway, the car went airborne on to our side of the freeway and then hit a van full of people. A four year old little girl was ejected and killed. So very sad.

Eyes on the Prize

I read Geoff’s Blog and learned that today is the 50th anniversary of th Supreme Court ruling that bus segregation is unconstitutional. Duke and I have been watching the documentary Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights YearsThe documentary uses actual news footage and interviews with people who were there. The show is very powerful, wonderful, and moving. When I was growing up we did not learn about the civil rights movement in school so watching this show is teaching me a lot about a part of our history about which I know very little. If you get a chance to see Eyes on the Prize I highly recommend it.